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Services We Offer

We pick the farm fresh vegetables and fruits and process with our three stage cleaning to completely remove the pesticides and chemicals if used. Call us and we will deliver your favorites at your door step.

Farming Tips

It's time to sow your fall seeds! Now is the time for carrots, collards, beets, kale, lettuce, rutabaga, scallions, spinach, chard and more to be planted outside in your garden. It's also time to harvest your potatoes.


The legendary South Bend nightclub Vegetable Buddies is set to reopen in the spring, and this time it’ll feature an integrated restaurant to go along with its food-forward moniker.  Jeff Harrison, a local musician and real estate developer, said he recently applied for the state licensing he needs to launch the musi…

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Over the last few months a lot of people have written in asking how to start a vegetable garden, and what I personally do when beginning to plan, organize, and plant my garden. Considering all the variables that can go into growing vegetables, these were questions that needed more space to expand upon than there...

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What is the first thing veteran parents ask new parents when they see a newborn? How are they sleeping? After the first 3-4 weeks of waking up every two hours, Darlington started sleeping like a little rock star, between 6-8 hours. We became those annoyingly proud parents, telling anyone and everyone who would listen, …

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We have hand-picked this selection of best fruits and vegetables for our customers on their usefulness, quality and durability. These fruits and vegetables are to showcase from a huge range of vegetables from our stock.

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Our Farmers

Our farmer team consists of expert in horticulture, who helps you to choose the best quality and fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the their fields.

Nicole Jonshon

He majored in botany at Oregon State University and later at Naropa University. His first venture in…

William Smith

He is a very hard working farmer and able to grasp the technologies faster and adopt it. He is activ…

John Doe

He graduated in agriculture from university of Philadelphia. He is actively involved in all day to d…